Environmental Policy

Global Construction Engineering Australia recognises the organizations role and responsibility for overall Environmental Management, also that successful and efficient operation in all of our activities is dependent on the performance. Management, Employees and Subcontractors are encouraged to comply with legislative requirements being allocated the responsibility and accountability to control and report all potential hazards in the immediate work area by identification and rectification of any erosion or contamination.

Our objectives outlined below establish direction, demonstrating our commitment to managing environmental impacts.

These objectives are;

  • Identify significant environmental aspects and give special consideration to Greenhouse emissions, promotion of clean energy alternatives, oil contamination and land use management issues.
  • Foster continuous improvement in both our work practices and network performance.
  • Provide communication avenues for the discussion of environmental management at work through joint staff management committees.
  • Conduct training regularly in environmentally responsible work methods.
  • Promote this policy to employees and the public.
  • Foster a pollution prevention ethic and operate a system of hazard reporting and control that will involve employees at all levels in the recognition of potential workplace hazards.
  • Review work practices and equipment to enable work to be completed efficiently while limiting the risk of harm to the environment.
  • Observe all laws and regulations relating to the environment.

Management accept the responsibility to provide the necessary resources to implement this policy and seek full co-operation from all employees and subcontractors to make the environment a prime consideration in all activities. Each and every employee is ultimately responsible for his or her own conduct and the impact on the environment.

Quality Policy:

As an Australian engineering company primarily engaged in the supply of services to construction and mining industries, GCE specializes in the supply of certified welders, pipe spooling and installation, boiler tube replacement, welding of exotic metals, general fabrication, mechanical fitting and installation, shutdown work and labour hire services.

As a supplier, GCE fully supports the philosophy that quality and continuous improvement are essential to providing superior performance and meeting Principal’s expectations. Accordingly:-

  • To attain and maintain the desired quality at an optional cost, GCE will seek continuous improvement to achieve efficient utilisation of human, administrative, technological and material resources available to the organization.
  • To ensure complete satisfaction GCE will supply products and services that satisfy Principal needs and/or requirements to a high standard of both quality and safety.

It is therefore our goal to improve systems and processes so that continually improved standards of quality, efficiency and productivity are achieved. GCE is committed to gain and maintain a quality system structured to satisfy the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001.

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